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24 Hour Emergency Department

The Jackson Parish Hospital Emergency Room has evolved over the years into a full-service Emergency Department.  Our staff of physicians and nurses are qualified and prepared to handle you and your loved ones emergency.

Our Process

A Registered Nurse, trained in triage, will assess you upon your arrival and evaluate your chief complaint and vital signs.  Your priority of treatment is based on the severity of your illness.  You will be seen in the order of your arrival, unless you are determined to be unstable or seriously ill.

Our Commitment

Jackson Parish Hospital Emergency Department is committed to providing quality care to anyone with an emergency medical condition.

We Offer

  • 24/7 Physician and Registered Nursing care.
  • 5 Beds, equipped to treat minor and major medical emergencies
  • Triage
  • State of the art Electronic Medical Record system
  • Telestroke
  • Diagnostic Imaging


The fundamental philosophy of the Nursing Department is to provide patients with optimal nursing care in a safe environment as a result of competent, caring, and ethical conduct on the part of the nurse. Members of the Nursing Department strive to fulfill their professional, social, and ethical obligations to the patient/family, physicians, practitioners, the hospital, the community, and their own personnel.

Ethical Behavior

  • Is inherent in establishing the trust of our colleagues and all those we serve,
  • Leads us to accept responsibility for decisions and actions affecting our nursing practice.
  • Mandates the efficient and effective use of human intellectual and material resources.
  • Compels us to provide quality nursing care that promotes optimal patient outcomes.


  • Is communicated through our presence, words, and actions.
  • Assures that we embrace everyone with appreciation for individual differences.
  • Requires us to recognize that while cure is not always possible, superior care is possible.
  • allows us to create nurturing partnerships with patients, their families, our colleagues, and our community.



  • Enables nurses to deliver excellent patient care,
  • Serves as the stimulus for continued professional growth and development,
  • Requires us to be teacher and learner, and
  • Changes as we journey from novice to expert.
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